Las Campanas Remote Observatory

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    LCRO is loacted in a roll-off observatory at the Las Campanas observatory located in Chilie and operated under a cooperative agreement with the University of Chile. It may be operated as an operator attended observatory, but it is primarily designed to be  tele-remotely operated, or to function as an autonomous queued observation telescope.

    The observatory's  primary instrument is a unique 0.3 meter f8 Astro Physics Maksutov telescope mounted on an Astro Physics AP1600 mount. The mount is equipped with absolute encoders. The primary imager is a FLI Proline 16803 CCD Camera with FLI focuser and Filter wheel. The filter wheel has L,R,G,and B imaging filters, H-alpha, O-III and Si-II narrow band filters and Sloan g,r, and i photometric filters. The  instrument stack is guided, off axis, by an SBIG ST-402 CCD camera.

    This configuration yields a field of view of  52'x52' with a plate scale of 0.76" per pixel.  It is designed to provide science quality images. Testing is under way at Las Campanas, the telescope having been moved to  a roll-off observatory at Las Campanas Chilie. When comissioning is complete, it shalll serve as a science imaging platform and education and public outreach telescope for Chilean students.